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Wall Sealing and Waterproofing

sealing of the wall

Basements provide incredibly versatile utility to your property, so it’s important that you take all the necessary measures to protect your space and ensure its ongoing usefulness. At Basement Defence Waterproofing, we routinely carry out basement wall sealing and waterproofing services to ensure that the structural integrity of your space is properly safeguarded, and this means you can continue to make use of your basement. A basement which suffers from moisture infiltration cannot be used as a reliable storage space, living area, or entertainment space, so invest in our services and bolster the utility of your home. For some further information on the advantages of wall sealing and waterproofing, read on below.

Installing Protections

At our company, we’re more than familiar with basement waterproofing procedures, and we’re well-prepared to carry out the processes that will repel water from entering your property through your basement walls. Our concrete waterproofing coatings and sealers provide sturdy protection against the infestation of water through your basement walls, and we’re also capable of applying waterproof paint and plastic sheets and panels that will provide even more substantial protection against moisture. Naturally, it isn’t just the type of protections that you’ll have to install, but the way that these processes are carried out. You can trust our experienced contractors to get everything in place in precise and efficient fashion.

Mold and Mildew

When water does manage to make its way into your basement, you can expect to find mold and mildew in your property sooner or later. The warm, damp conditions that will emerge in your basement make an excellent staging ground for mold and mildew, and these can have a horrible impact on you and your property. It will likely damage any paint or wallpaper it comes into contact with, but a much more serious concern is the way it negatively impacts the air quality in your home. Anybody with asthma or breathing problems will really struggle if this invader enters your property.

Insurance Benefits

Insurance companies will be concerned with the risk your property carries if you don’t install proper sealing and waterproofing on your basement walls, as the chance of a structural failure is that much higher. Water damage accounts for one fifth of all insurance claims across the United States, so there aren’t many actions you can take out there to more effectively reduce the chance of needing to pay out on your insurance.

Reliable Usability

Basements make excellent storage areas, playrooms, living spaces, and so much more – but you won’t want to invest in fitting out and decorating these spaces if you’re not sure whether water damage will ultimately ruin it after some time. By investing in proper basement wall waterproofing and sealing, you’re ensuring that you can make full use of your basement without having to worry about water damage taking place. In this sense, you’re investing in your quality of life as much as anything else. This is just one of the ways that basement waterproofing can benefit you going forward.

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