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Foundation Repair

repairing of the house foundation

When your building suffers from damage to the foundation, you could be facing up extensive repair bills to get your property safe and usable again. In these circumstances, it’s quite understandable that you’ll feel anxious about the cost and disruption of these processes, but it’s incredibly important that your foundation is structurally sound for the long term health of your property, and at Basement Defence Waterproofing, we’ll do everything possible to ensure that the procedures carried out cause as few disturbances as possible. We’ve delivered these kinds of provisions for a long time, and it’s important to us that we provide a service than ensures the safety and wellbeing of our customers, and their properties, are totally protected going forward.

Cracks and Fractures

When you’re suffering from foundation issues, there are some signs that indicate there might be something going on. Cracks and fractures are one such obvious indicator, and would demand further investigation. These cracks can vary in size and direction, and that’ll indicate whether there are more substantial concerns to be worried about. Naturally, we can’t expect laymen to know whether these are serious or not, so you’ll want to request an inspection of your property to see if something is critically wrong.

Sinking and Settling

If cracks and fractures are somewhat worrying, and demand professional attention, sinking and settling are much more insidious processes, and you should certainly seek out help if you’re aware of this development. If one side of your property seems to be lower than the other, or the center of your building seems to be sinking, your foundation may need to be lifted. Foundation settling isn’t uncommon in the early days for a property, and doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem, but if this process continues for a long time, or begins to happen after a certain period of time, it surely demands investigation.

Making Evaluations

If you’ve carried out waterproofing and you’re vigilant regarding your building’s structural integrity, you should be able to nip these problems in the bud before they become significant, but that doesn’t mean you’ll catch everything. Quite often, there are subtle signs that your foundation might need repairs, and you’ll need a professional eye to carry out inspections on your property to find anything. It’s good practice to seek out regular evaluations on your building to ensure that it’s always up to scratch, but you should certainly employ our expert contractors to take a look if you suspect there’s something wrong.

Making Repairs

If it seems like you’re suffering from structural problems, you’ll need to carry out foundation repair to ensure the long term health of your property. While some people worry about the cost of this service, you’ll no doubt pay far more if you leave these problems to fester. Once we’ve returned your foundation to a balanced state, our foundation waterproofing and maintenance solutions will ensure that you’re not likely to suffer from any further problems going forward. We can discuss the repair process with you at length before we carry out any work, ensuring you have a full understanding of what’s going on in your property.

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