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About Our Team

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At Basement Defence Waterproofing, we’re concerned with delivering basement waterproofing and maintenance services to the fine people of the Grand Blanc, Michigan area. We’re industry veterans, with decades of experience between our contractors, and throughout that time we’ve completed work on basements in every kind of setting you can imagine. We routinely carry out work in domestic, commercial, and even municipal settings, and the end results we conjure are always flawless. This is no doubt part of why we receive so much business through referrals and word of mouth, as our customers are always so happy with the end products, that they just can’t help telling their friends and colleagues about it.

We believe we’re the best basement repair and waterproofing team in the area, and that’s something we take very seriously. We’ll always go the extra mile to provide the best service we can, so we can live up to our excellent reputation. That means that if you’re unsure whether we’re able to assist with your situation, you need only ask us, and we’ll pull out the stops to get the job done, if it’s at all possible. Anything less than complete customer satisfaction is not good enough for us, and this dedicated passion for our customers’ contentedness has seen us rise above our competitors across the years. If you have any kind of basement project you need assistance with, please consider our team. We’re able to help with new builds, new installations on existing properties, repairs and maintenance, and any other basement related situation you’re dealing with.

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