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Basement Defence Waterproofing

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Basement Waterproofing


Basements are a fabulous aspect of any property, as they provide incredible versatility and utility to homes and businesses alike. They can be used for storage purposes, entertainment ventures, living spaces, and so much more – but when they suffer from water damage and structural concerns, you can’t rely on them, and you’ll need to take action. Basement contractors like us help you to keep your basements in top condition, and our basement waterproofing and basement repair services are powerful protections against the possibility of damage. If you’re creating a new build property with a basement, or you already have a basement in your property, you could benefit substantially by investing in our services.

About Us

At Basement Defence Waterproofing, we’ve delivered specialist basement expertise for a number of years, and we’re proud of the results that we’ve managed for our customers throughout that period. Wet basement solutions are second nature to us, and we’re also able to handle any structural repairs that you require too. Nothing matters more to us than the satisfaction of our customers, and you can feel relaxed about the state of your basement once you have us on the job. Whether you’re looking for help with a small or large operation, a commercial or residential property, or anything else at all, we’re the company for you.

Our Services

We’re determined to provide basement expertise that totally cover any needs our customers might have in that space. Our services are comprehensive, and they’re concerned with maintaining the health and wellbeing of your basement and the rest of your property. If you’ve already suffered from structural damage before you discovered us, don’t worry – we can help restore the functionality of your basement without delay. At the end of our service with you, you’ll have a structurally sound waterproof basement – something that adds incredibly utility and value to your home or business.

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Basement Waterproofing

The majority of issues that basements suffer from are related to water infiltration, and by carrying out complete waterproofing, you’re limiting the chance of any structural damage or decay. The risks that water damage presents to the health and wellbeing of you and your property are substantial, and it’s far more economically prudent to invest in protective measures than it is to pay for basement or foundation repair services.

Foundation Repair

It’s possible that if you didn’t have extensive foundation waterproofing in place, your foundation will have suffered preventable water damage. If this is the case, you’ll need our foundation repair team to get involved and return structural balance to your property. If your foundation is not structurally sound, it is entirely possible that you’ll have widespread fundamental problems across your property. Keep an eye out for the tell-tale signs of trouble, and limit the need for substantial repairs.

fixing of the wall sealing off the wall

Wall Sealing and Waterproofing

Waterproofing basement walls is one of the most effective ways to prevent water infiltration into your basement and the rest of your property. Concrete waterproofing sealants and treatments stop moisture from getting through your walls, and this prevents the spread of mold and mildew in your home. These infestations will ruin your paint and wallpaper, but can also hurt the health of those with breathing difficulties.

Crawl Space Repair

For many, crawl spaces are dark, damp areas with no value or utility – but this needn’t be the case. With proper waterproofing and drainage, a crawl space can add real storage capabilities to your property. If structural damage has already occurred, we’re able to repair your crawl space without you needing to do a full rebuild. We’ll replace rotting wooden joists and support beams, and make short work of any sinking or sagging floors.

house with outside stairs fixing the basement pump

Sump Pump Installation and Replacement

Sump pumps are a wonderful way to keep water from building up and invading your basement, and their affordability and life cycle cost makes them an obvious choice for properties that routinely suffer from flooding concerns. We can help you pick a pump that best suits your basement, and carry out a no-fuss installation soon after. We’re also able to replace your current sump pump once it’s reached the end of its life cycle.

Structural Repair

Our structural repair service is available to get your property back to full health, regardless of where the damage has taken place. We’re able to repair basement walls and floors, foundations, and so much more – and once these repairs have been completed, we’ll provide extensive protections to ensure that you don’t suffer from any further problems in the future.

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Contact Us For More Information

If you’re in a need of a specialist basement service, we believe you can do no better than Basement Defence Waterproofing. We have a proven track record in this industry, and our customers are always thrilled with the results we deliver. If you have a service in mind, or you’re looking for further information on our provisions, our prices, or the availability of our team, get in touch today. Our customer service representatives are available through our main telephone number, or can be reached via our contact form – both are found on our website. You’re only a phone call away from the best investment you’ll ever make for your property.

sealing of the wall

“Thank you to the team at Basement Defence Waterproofing! My basement has been useless for years because I was experiencing regular flooding down there. Since I employed the waterproofing team, we’ve had no moisture at all, and now I finally have a storage space I can use!” – Leslie R.

waterproofing of the pump

“Basement Defence Waterproofing is a great service for anybody who wants a sump pump installed. I had been considering one of these for my home for years, but wasn’t sure about the cost of installing one. It was actually very reasonably priced, and the team was really professional and punctual – two thumbs up from me.” – Dave M.

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“I would 100% recommend the team at Basement Defence Waterproofing for anybody who needs foundation repairs carried out. I inherited a property through family, and there were pretty widespread foundation problems. The guys evaluated the situation before carrying out the repairs, and the whole process was pretty straightforward.” – Carl N.